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UPDATE March 6, 2023

The Alabama State Department of Education calculated for the first time this fall the State A-F Report Card applying rules outlined in SB170 that passed during the 2022 Legislative Session that changed how Academic Achievement was calculated. It has been determined the logic used to calculate the state report card did not appropriately identify all English Learners (EL) to be included/excluded in the calculations of the academic achievement area. Per SB170, “each student identified as an English language learner, who has not shown proficiency on ACCESS for EL, or other state approved English proficiency assessment, may not be considered in assigning an academic achievement grade to a school or school system for the first five years of enrollment of the student.”   As a result of the identified error, the Alabama Department of Education corrected the logic and ran again the State Report Card to align with SB170.  All other indicators within the State Accountability System have not changed. Only the Academic Achievement indicator may be impacted. 

This caused some of the overall scores and letter grades for schools to change.  The score for Eufaula Primary School/Eufaula Elementary School increased to an 80 (B).


November 18, 2022

State report cards for schools were released today. The Alabama scorecards for schools were
last announced in 2019 before COVID closed schools for extended periods.

The scorecards analyze academic achievement, growth, absenteeism and progress in English
language proficiency. Additionally, graduation rates and college and career readiness indicators
are evaluated at the high school level.

Even with COVID and the most extraordinary two years in education, Eufaula City Schools has
seen significant improvement in the past four years. For the 2017-2018 scorecard, the overall
score for Eufaula City Schools was 66. For 2018-2019, the overall score improved to 74; for this
release (2021-2022), the overall score improved to 76. Due to COVID, there was no report card
for two years.

In four years, EES/EPS went from 57 to 79, a 22-point gain. Due to the grade levels tested and
because Eufaula Primary School (EPS) is a feeder school for Eufaula Elementary School (EES),
the schools receive the same scorecard.

Holly Mitchell, director of curriculum, stated, “Giving our students a solid foundation from
kindergarten through five sets them up for success in grades six through twelve. We are
exceedingly proud of our teachers, students and parents for this huge improvement. We strive
to give generous support to help teachers get better at what they know and how to teach it.
We also constantly assess where students stand and what they need help with.”

Post-COVID, our students show remarkable progression in all or almost all growth points.
EPS/EES improved to get 100% in growth points, and Admiral Moorer Middle School (AMMS)
and Eufaula High School (EHS) are at almost 100% for growth points.

“We have focused on growth points and are at almost 100% on those, so now our focus must
be on the academic achievement points. Our teachers and administrators have high
expectations for students and are invested in their academic success. Additionally, we
appreciate and need strong community and parental support,” said Joey Brannan,

The scorecard for Alabama Virtual Academy (ALVA) at Eufaula City Schools improved from 65
for 2018-2019 to 75 for 2021-2022.

On the scorecard released today, the graduation rate and college & career readiness indicators
at the high school level are for 2021 graduates. Both graduation rate and college & career
readiness indicators are expected to improve from 2021 to 2022 graduates. The graduation rate
has improved on the last three state report cards.