• Alabama Unsafe School Option
    A student who becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense committed on
    school property during school hours or at school-sponsored activities shall
    be given an opportunity to transfer to a safe public school within the local
    education agency. The school shall notify the student’s parent/guardian of
    the right to transfer within 10 calendar days from the date of a final
    determination by the school board that a violent criminal offense has
    occurred. Alabama students who attend a school deemed persistently
    dangerous by the State Department criteria will be offered a transfer option
    to another school. A persistently dangerous school is one in which for 3
    consecutive years the school has expelled 1% of the student population or
    5 students (whichever is greater) for violent criminal
    offenses committed on school property during school hours or committed at
    school-sponsored activities. (Ala Code 290-3-1-02).