ECS Strategic Plan One Pager


  • Expect Excellence


  • Preparing students to pursue excellence in all aspects of life

Strategic Plan Details

  • Academic Growth and Achievement


    Produce students who can consistently demonstrate growth as well as successfully apply knowledge and skills across all content areas.


    • Provide quality, tiered instruction that is challenging, engaging, and relevant using evidence-based instructional strategies and incorporating technology tools and resources when appropriate
      1. Implement evidence-based tiered instruction 
      2. Implement Response to Intervention (RTI) process as part of Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) 
      3. Provide Strategic Intervention and Enrichment opportunities for students 
      4. Implement engagement strategies in daily instruction 
    • Promote growth through analyzing assessments and data to make meaningful instructional decisions
      1. Hold regular data meetings with a focus on the quality of the assessment as well as the assessment results (to include State Assessments and Common Assessments) 
      2. Develop common assessments for each grade level and core subject area 
      3. Develop a learning plan/reteach plan based on assessment results 
    • Provide high quality, ongoing professional development (PD) opportunities for faculty and staff
      1. Plan meaningful professional learning opportunities for all certified, classified, and contract employees, specializing in job-specific PD 
      2. Increase the number of teachers trained in the Science of Reading 
      3. Increase the number of teachers trained in Engagement Strategies 
      4. Increase the number of teachers trained in evidence-based instructional strategies 
    • Provide a strong academic foundation that demonstrates growth toward college and career readiness while developing and maintaining meaningful community partnerships
      1. Increase the number of students exiting a Career Technical Education (CTE) course with a credential 
      2. Increase the number of students earning a College and Career Indicator 
      3. Develop 4-year plans with rising 9th-grade students 
      4. Increase the number of students participating in Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement opportunities 
      5. Develop and implement a K-12 career pathway utilizing community partners and businesses 
    • Provide student opportunities outside of the regular school day/year to close the instructional gap.
      1. Provide Summer Reading Camps as prescribed by the Alabama Literacy Act 
      2. Provide summer programs for enrichment and intervention for students Pre-K-12 
      3. Provide after-school programs, including 21st Century Community Learning Center (21CCLC) programs and after-school tutoring 
    • Partner with parents, guardians, and community stakeholders to equip them with at-home strategies and tools to enhance academic growth.
      1. Hold monthly parent engagement events 
      2. Provide At-Home Reading Plans for students in grades K-5 in accordance with the Alabama Literacy Act 
      3. Develop partnerships with community stakeholders to support the education of the whole child 


    Safe and Supportive Learning Environments


    Maintain a comprehensive support system that ensures a safe and secure learning environment for all students


    • Maintain a system to reduce systemwide truancy
    • Maintain an awareness of attendance using Attendance Matters 
    • Maintain an awareness of attendance using Early Warning 
    • Work with the court system in the event of a petition 
    • Provide support for identified special population 
    • Maintain a comprehensive program that supports and prevents behavior issues using MTSS
    • Provide English Language (EL) Parent Liaison and Language Line for EL population 
    • Provide health screenings, office visits, and medical referrals for students with health needs 
    • Provide mental health support using ARCH Counseling and local school counselors 
    • Maintain clean and secure learning environments for students 
    • Maintain school walkthroughs to include safety and facility reviews. 
    • Maintain building projects using available funding sources. 
    • Maintain long-term facility upgrades using 5-year Capital Plan 
    • Maintain cleaning and sanitizing protocols for all facilities 
    • Maintain an evening and summer feeding program for students 
    • Provide an evening meal service at select locations 
    • Continue to provide summer feeding programs at select schools


    Culture & Climate


    Develop and sustain effective structures for communication and ongoing engagement of students, staff, families, and community


    • Increase district outreach efforts with community organizations, business partners and other external stakeholders to keep all stakeholders informed of the programs, services, and news of the district
    • Provide workshops for businesses, churches, civic organizations, and housing communities
    • Conduct regular meetings to develop relationships and share information
    • Increase communication with and feedback from students, families, and employees to gather input as it relates to student achievement, instruction and the district’s continuous improvement efforts.
    • Conduct annual surveys with parents/students/staff to gather information on topics including but not limited to school climate, instruction, and achievement, analyze the results, and use that data to drive school plans
    • Develop and implement a plan for how and where information will be shared with employees, parents, and the community 
    • Establish and maintain positive and stable relationships between staff and students to ensure students feel safe, accepted, and build resilience.
    • Establish/maintain a staff/student mentorship program in each school
    • Provide training for Eufaula City Schools’ staff on topics including diversity to enhance the positive and stable relationships between staff and students
    • Develop and implement a board-approved marketing/communication plan
    • Provide key messages to be utilized when marketing the district
    • Identify the procedures for disseminating press releases
    • Maintain district and school level calendar of events


    Recruitment and Retention of Qualified Staff


    Maintain high quality certified personnel through recruitment, development, and retention to positively impact student achievement


    • Expand the teacher mentoring program 
      1. Implement the State Department of Education mentoring plan 
      2. Supplement funding using federal money to include third-year teachers and teachers new to Eufaula City Schools
      3. 100% of participants complete the requirements to obtain a stipend
      4. Participants will complete a survey to assess the effectiveness of the mentoring program.
      5. Teacher retention will increase by 5% for the 2021-22 school year, with a 10% increase each year thereafter.
    • Begin groundwork to implement an aspiring teacher program in 2022-23
      1. Research the requirements to begin a career tech academy
      2. Explore needed personnel
      3. Explore a partnership with Wallace Community College
      4. Have a program ready for implementation in the 2022-23 school year.
    • Strengthen recruitment and retention efforts
      1. Decrease the number of teachers hired without an emergency certificate
      2. Increase retention rate for classified and certified staff each school year
      3. Establish partnership with Andrew College
      4. Create an informational brochure describing options for teacher certification tracks 
      5. Publicize certification information via social media, newspaper, mailouts and other outlets 
      6. Utilize retired teachers through contract positions 
      7. Restructure the incentive signing bonus to pay in full and upfront 
      8. Establish new teacher PRIDE incentives 
      9. Conduct exit interviews beginning in the 2021-22 school year 
      10. Explore options for recognizing and financially rewarding employee longevity