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Back to School Guidelines & Reopening Plan, Updated 8/18/2021

Updated 8/18/2021

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ECS COVID-19 Reopening Plan 2021-2022

As the 2021-2022 school year begins, the following guidance is offered based on recommendations from the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


  1. Vaccinations are encouraged for staff members and students aged twelve and over. Fully vaccinated (two weeks after the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna or two weeks after Johnson and Johnson) individuals identified as a close contact to a positive COVID-19 case will be able to remain in school as long as the individual shows no symptoms.
  2. All students and staff members are required to wear masks in school buildings until at least September 17, 2021. An update will be given before September 17, 2021. Wearing masks is required for passengers and drivers on school buses.
  3. All students and staff members who have symptoms of COVID-19 should remain at home and be referred to their healthcare provider for testing and care before returning to school.
  4. Students and staff members who test positive for COVID-19 will remain at home for ten days and must have been fever-free without fever-reducing medications for at least twenty-four hours before returning to school. 
  5. Students and staff members identified as close contacts to a positive COVID-19 case will have to remain at home for ten days unless they have been fully vaccinated or previously diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last three months. If a student or staff member is identified as a close contact, parents/guardians and staff members will be notified as soon as possible.
  6. School nurses and principals are required to report suspected and diagnosed cases of COVID-19 to the ADPH.
  7. Continued social distancing helps to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.
  8. All individuals should practice frequent handwashing and respiratory etiquette.
  9. School visitors may be limited at times. Please check with a school office staff member before visiting.


Please recognize and remember COVID-19 remains a threat outside of the school setting. Vaccinations, face-coverings, social distancing, and good hygiene are the best tools to combat this pandemic in all areas of our community.


 Eufaula City Schools may modify this guidance based on changes to the ADPH and CDC recommendations or as conditions may warrant.