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Employees of the Year

Support Employees of the Year

Teachers of the Year

Support Employees of the Year: Steve Thompson, Central Office; Jeffrey Roberts, Transportation (not pictured); Shantia Williams, Early Learning Center; Bonnie Wilson, Early Learning Center; Lisa Beasley, Eufaula Primary School; LaShawn Robinson, Eufaula Elementary School; Joann Gamble, Admiral Moorer Middle School (system winner); Star Green, Eufaula High School; and Pakita Helms-Peterson, Eufaula High School.

Teachers of the Year: Courtney Green, Early Learning Center; Michele Jones, Eufaula Primary School (system elementary winner); Lela Roberts, Eufaula Elementary School; Raven Ivey, Admiral Moorer Middle School (system secondary winner); and Matt Jones, Eufaula High School.

Special thanks to 22nd State Bank, BBVA and Five Star Credit Union for sponsoring the program.