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State Report Card News

A message from Joey Brannan, superintendent:
"Eufaula City Schools received its state report card results, and we are very pleased to report system wide we improved to a C. Each of our schools received a C and improved their scores from last year. Because of the dedication and hard work of our teachers and other staff members across the system, amazing things are occurring in schools. None of this would have been possible without our teachers. This has been a year of steady progress in our system, and we look forward to continuing that trend. We are celebrating this growth and accomplishment and give a special thank you to students and parents for their preparation and efforts during testing. Our people are our greatest asset, and I have full confidence in continued improvement." #WeAreECS

A message from Holly Mitchell, director of curriculum for Eufaula City Schools:
I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to say about Eufaula City Schools. It always seems that bad news travels faster than good news so saying the right thing is important to me. Last year, we received word that our elementary school received an F on our state report card. We were devastated and knew that we were better than this. Countless hours and blood, sweat, and even tears went in to the plan to turn around our school. I cannot say enough about our teachers. They did EVERYTHING it took to make a difference for the children of Eufaula. We know we still have improvements to make but I am thrilled to announce that we have moved our State Report Card to a C! The support from everyone to the lunchroom staff who helped redo a schedule to the custodians who took care of us to the paras and special area teachers who made it possible for grade level planning to the teachers who committed themselves to the children amazes me. I have never seen such a phenomenal group of people! Because of you, we are truly changing our schools for the better. To the leaders who have joined our school and to the leaders who were here before, thank you for your commitment to our students. You are difference makers and I am THRILLED to call this system my home! #eufaulaproud #WeAreECS #differencemakers #roadtoanA

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